River Road WWTP Plant Outfall in West New York

CSO Reduction Progress

How are We Doing?

We are still in the planning stages of the LTCP CSO program, but we want to be sure there is a place online where you can see how much work we are doing! Once we start some CSO reduction projects, you will be able to check back here for updates and future plans.

Stormwater Detention Systems

We have been thinking about keeping stormwater out of our system for many years. Back in 2001, NHSA started requiring stormwater detention systems to be installed in properties connecting to our system. These systems hold and delay the stormwater from getting into our system, so we can treat more of the flows at the plant. In 2018, the City of Hoboken jumped in with both feet and started installing stormwater detention under their new parks! See below for an animation on how we use an automated valve to hold back water under the park in the new Southwest Park. We wait until the storm is over and we can handle more of the flow back at the plant, and then release the water back into our system for treatment. There will be a similar system in the new park at 700 Jackson, and don’t forget about the upcoming Northwest Resiliency Park with a one million gallon storage tank!

Southwest Park Detention System




Combined Sewer Overflows

Long Term Control Plan

CSO Reduction Progress

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