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We’re working to make it easier to do business with us. No more writing checks, searching for stamps, or visiting the office to pay your sewer bill. Now, you can take advantage of our convenient, safe and secure online payment system by clicking here. IF, HOWEVER, YOUR PROPERTY IS IN TAX SALE, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PAY ONLINE. PLEASE CONTACT THE AUTHORITY OFFICE.


Richard WolffAs you navigate through our website, I hope that you will find it, and the information that it contains, useful from a variety of perspectives. Since 1988, the year of the Authority's foundation, we have prided ourselves on our commitment to a clear set of values: protection of the environment, integrity in business, and openness and transparency. Here, in the pages of our website, it's our intention that visitors see and understand how the Authority, in its daily activities, lives out these values.

We have made massive strides over the last two decades toward a cleaner Hudson River and an economic renaissance along the Hoboken, Weehawken and West New York waterfronts. The Authority is proud to have played a major role in these accomplishments. Through these webpages, we invite you to learn more about the Authority and its important work on behalf of the environment, and we welcome your views and feedback on our performance.
Dr. Richard Wolff, Executive Director

Latest News

Hoboken gets new pumps to help fight flooding

In late June, new pumps designed to fight flooding were lowered into the ground. The city and North Hudson Sewerage Authority partnered to add an underground pump station, designed to alleviate chronic flooding in northwest Hoboken. NHSA is responsible for overall design and construction. The station will have a total pumping capacity of 80 million gallons per day once the pumps are online and operational, which is slated for August. The final completion and formal dedication are scheduled for October. Check out the news coverage of the lowering of the new flood pumps from ABC, FOX, and News 12.

NHSA Public Notification System Praised by NJ Water Works

Learn about what combined sewer overflow operators are doing to notify the public of overflow events and what New Jersey operators are doing to meet a July 1 permit deadline. Click here for the complete story.

Sewage overflow pollutes Hudson, vexes New Jersey

The Hudson River is much cleaner than it used to be, but antiquated infrastructure still contaminates the waters between New York City and New Jersey with untreated sewage and storm water during heavy rainfalls. Click here for the complete story.

Standard & Poor's raises NHSA's rating to "A"

Standard & Poor’s Rating Services upgraded the North Hudson Sewerage Authority’s (NHSA) credit rating from “A-“ to “A” after its November review of the Authority’s finances and operations. The credit review performed by S&P provides an independent and objective assessment of NHSA’s operational, financial and management performance. Click here for the complete news release.

Weehawken rescue crew frees kitten stuck in sewer drain

There was a scared kitten trapped in the sewer drain midway through two catch basins. Within about 10 or 15 minutes Phil Reeve, project manager for North Hudson Sewerage Authority, had dispatched a couple of his men with the right equipment to remove the grates. Click here for the complete story.


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