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We’re working to make it easier to do business with us. No more writing checks, searching for stamps, or visiting the office to pay your sewer bill. Now, you can take advantage of our convenient, safe and secure online payment system by clicking here. IF, HOWEVER, YOUR PROPERTY IS IN TAX SALE, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PAY ONLINE. PLEASE CONTACT THE AUTHORITY OFFICE.


Richard WolffAs you navigate through our website, I hope that you will find it, and the information that it contains, useful from a variety of perspectives. Since 1988, the year of the Authority's foundation, we have prided ourselves on our commitment to a clear set of values: protection of the environment, integrity in business, and openness and transparency. Here, in the pages of our website, it's our intention that visitors see and understand how the Authority, in its daily activities, lives out these values.

We have made massive strides over the last two decades toward a cleaner Hudson River and an economic renaissance along the Hoboken, Weehawken and West New York waterfronts. The Authority is proud to have played a major role in these accomplishments. Through these webpages, we invite you to learn more about the Authority and its important work on behalf of the environment, and we welcome your views and feedback on our performance.
Dr. Richard Wolff, Executive Director

Latest News

State OKs move to digital records format

The North Hudson Sewerage Authority is well on its way to becoming one of the first public agencies in New Jersey to go fully “paperless” with its records after state officials certified the Authority’s image processing system. The transition will give customers greater access than ever to their account information as well as all public records maintained by the NHSA while reducing costs and improving efficiency. Read more.

2013 Report on Hoboken Flooding Issue and Infiltration in West New York

This report, undertaken by Emnet for the Authority and issued in December 2013, analyzes the hydraulics of the Hoboken flooding issue and flood abatement options, as well as the identification of water infiltration in Union City and West New York. The report discusses the effectiveness of the H-1 wet weather pump station, concluding that it “has significantly improved the flooding situation.” Several flood abatement options for Hoboken were explored, and the analysis revealed that, at a minimum, an additional wet weather pump station is needed in the H5 area between 10th and 11th Streets. The report also discusses the high levels of dry weather water infiltration in the Union City and West New York portions of the Authority’s service area. This water infiltration, which likely comes from water main leaks and breaks, negatively impacts treatment goals at the West New York treatment plant.

Japanese industry officials pay visit to NHSA

Japnese officials visit NHSA plant

A group of 14 Tokyo water and wastewater professionals recently visited the NHSA’s Adams Street facility, where they shared their experiences from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami and heard about how the NHSA team dealt with Hurricane Sandy. The group, all members of a Japanese professional association, were here to participate in the New Jersey Water Environment Association’s Fall Technology Transfer Seminar. Read more.

NHSA Establishes Hobokenís First Rain Garden

NHSA rain garden

As local officials examine various ways to reduce flooding in Hoboken, rain gardens offer a simple, economical way to help reduce the flow of runoff from rain and melting snow into storm drains quickly, neatly and naturally. The North Hudson Sewerage Authority recently completed Hoboken’s first public rain garden at the NHSA’s Adams Street administrative offices and wastewater treatment plant. Read more.


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