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  •   NHSA team accepting WAVE award

    North Hudson Sewerage Authority Executive Director Richard Wolff (center) recently accepted the 2013 WAVE Award presented by the Association of
    Environmental Authorities along with Steve Hudock (right) and Philip Reeve of CH2M, the NSHA’s system contract operator. The award came in the member Organization category, one of three special categories focusing on work of distinction related to Hurricane Sandy. It was the 16th WAVE Award won by the Authority in the past 18 years.

    2018 Energy Savers–For Leak Detection Program (AEA WAVE Award)
  • 2018 Forward Thinking Award–For Asset Management, Waterbody Advistory System, and New Wet Weather Pump Station (AEA WAVE Award)
  • 2015 Innovative Thinking–For Proposed Ecological Zone in Hoboken (AEA WAVE Award)
  • 2013 Member Organization Award/Hurricane Sandy (AEA WAVE Award)
  • 2012 Engineering Excellence Award H1 Wet Weather Pump Station (ACEC)
  • 2012 Community Partnership Award (AEA* WAVE Award)
  • 2010 Outstanding Community Outreach Award (AEA WAVE Award)
  • 2008 NHSA Innovative Engineering Award (ACEC**)
  • 2008 Best Management Practices (AEA WAVE Award)
  • 2007 Outstanding Community Outreach Award (AEA WAVE Award)
  • 2006 Outstanding Community Outreach Award (AEA WAVE Award)
  • 2005 Outstanding Community Outreach Award (AEA WAVE Award)
  • 2005 Special Recognition Award NJ Harbor Discharge Group (NACWA***)
  • 2004 Forward Thinking Award (AEA WAVE Award)
  • 2002 Outstanding Community Outreach Award (AEA WAVE Award)
  • 2001 Communicator AWARD H20TV & Your Wastewater System
  • 1999 Outstanding Infrastructure Renewal PR Program (AEA WAVE Award)
  • 1998 Outstanding Annual Report (AEA WAVE Award)
  • 1997 Outstanding Competitive Example (AEA WAVE Award)
  • 1996 Outstanding Floatables Campaign (AEA WAVE Award)
  • 1994 Outstanding High School Summer Internship Program Award (AEA WAVE Award)
  • 1993 Public Education Award (AEA WAVE Award)

*AEA—The Association of Environmental Authorities of NJ is a 40-year-old association of public water, wastewater, solid waste and recycling service providers in New Jersey, primarily utilities authorities, and also including municipal utilities departments and vendors in the public utility sector. Our focus is utility management, long-range planning, leadership and public policy.

**ACEC—ACECNJ proudly celebrates the accomplishments of the engineering industry each year with its annual Engineering Excellence Awards (EEA) Program. Engineering Excellence Awards recognizes and celebrates engineering achievements that demonstrate the highest degree of skill and ingenuity among firms.

***NACWA—The emergence of NACWA as a nationally-recognized leader in environmental policy and a sought-after technical resource on water quality and ecosystem protection issues has paralleled the maturation of the nation's most successful environmental law - the Clean Water Act. NACWA was established in 1970 by a group of individuals representing 22 large municipal sewerage agencies. They came together to secure federal funding for municipal wastewater treatment and discuss emerging national interest in improving the quality of the nation's waters. Based upon the shared goal of effectively representing the interests and priorities of publicly-owned treatment works (POTWs), they formed NACWA—the National Association of Clean Water Agencies.




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